Vantec NexStar 3.5” Sata Ⅲ Hard Drive Enclosure (NST-366S3-BK)

UASP support

Plug and play

Support SATA III 6Gbps

Price: CAD$42.99

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The NST-366S3 enclosure is one enclosure that will stand tall in performance. It is design to be very fast when linked to your HDD using the latest UASP protocol for Windows 8 to shuttle data around in high speed. This NexStar follow the tradition of using the latest Aluminum Casing designs to protect the Hard Drive and effectively draws the heat away from the drive. Couple it with USB 3.0 technology to give you an establish interface that is widely available with unsurpassed performance. The light weight and small form factor goes very well everywhere you go. This NST-366S3 enclosure offers good design, speed and portability.

  • SATA III specification max 6Gbps (Backwards Compatible With SATA II/I)
  • Adopt UASP to enhance maximum performance for Windows 8
  • Aluminum Casing Cools Down Your Hard Drive
  • No Drivers Needed (NDN) for Windows OS and OSX