Hammer Style 2-Port USB Car Charger

Dual ports

Output: 3.1A

Color: black

Retail package

Price: CAD$5.99

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Product Information:
1.Name: safety hammer car charger
2.Input voltage: DC12 ~ 24V
3.The output voltage: DC5V
4.The output current: 3100mA

Product Characteristics:
1. the safety hammer Car Charger for all kinds cell phones, MP3, MP4, camera
2.safety hammer car charger output provides two different output ports, one can charge two kinds of electronic products, the charge quickly   
3.safety hammer car charger contains input reverse, over-temperature, over-current,short circuit multiple protection measures and automatic restart function.
4.Can make the product more secure, allowing you to use more peace of mind

Package Included:
1 * Safety Hammer Car Charger